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You have special needs? We provide Full Service!

It is our aim to spoil you; you don't have to worry about anything. Navigators does not only fulfill every charter requirement, but we can also book your flights and hotel accommodation. Our Full Service Program starts with pick-up at your home, transport to your yacht and then your return trip.

Furthermore we will provide you with the necessary documents including Skipper and Cancellation Insurance.

Holidays from the beginning

After a tiring long-distance flight to the Caribbean, we suggests that you relax for the first day or so on one of these beautiful islands. We can recommend a number of magnificent Hotels and Villas.

Antigua, for instance, is a wonderful starting point and provides lots of possibilities to get acquainted with the easy relaxed ways of the Caribbean.

As an example of a Superlative hotel we present: "The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel" a luxurious blend of gracious living and fascinating history which is beautifully set in Nelson's Dockyard in English harbour.

Dive into the Caribbean in typical English style.