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Wind, Waves and Wellness

A Yacht of your dreams can have many faces. It couldbe a 4-cabin bareboat yacht for a cruise around Mallorca, or a vessel with a professional crew, who will anticipate your every wish.

Either way, Navigators will find the optimal choice for you.You may select from thousands of Sailing yachts of all sizefrom the Bareboat Class up to the luxurious High Class Charter.

But take a closer look for yourself!
Choose your dream yacht.

Navigators offers you the finest selection of exclusive Motor vessels. Choose your own self-driven 12m yacht or an exclusive Mega yacht with a crew that will take care of your own personal needs and

On the other hand don't forget about fun: Whenever you desire, you can let off steam water-skiing ordriving jet skies.

Please contact us for further information.

But why don't you take a breath of sea-air and make your own exclusive choice.